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Web & Graphic Design Services




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Review your site and learn about
  • loading time in multiple browsers
  • ease of navigation
  • functionality
  • readability
  • other problem areas

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Get priority, professional content updates
  • on weekends and holidays, evenings
  • prioritized above other clients

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For the following two packages, $75/hour covers your personal layout and page design.  The second rate ("purchase & install") covers purchasing hosting and/or domain(s), combining your layout and content, assembling the pages, and putting your site on the web.  Domain and hosting cost extra.


Basic website package
  • affordable,reliable domain & hosting
  • custom layout design
  • personal e-mail @ yourdomain (3 users)
  • your site on Google
  • 6 pages of content + documents

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You’ve got more to say
  • affordable,reliable domain & hosting
  • custom layout design
  • personal e-mail @ yourdomain (6 users)
  • your site on Google
  • 10 pages of content + documents

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Already have a site that needs changes?
  • update or change content ($75/hour)
  • new custom layout designed + installed ($700)
  • get a backup of your original site and
    transfer it to a new host intact. ($550)

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Make a good website great
  • photo or image gallery
  • weblog
  • photo weblog
  • pay-as-you-go updates and changes
  • additional e-mail users
  • duplicate your site in another language
  • secure contact forms

Photo or Image Gallery

Make a splash with a photo or image gallery incorporated into your page design.
  • 5 pages up to 15 images each $700
  • 7 pages up to 15 images each $800
  • 10 pages up to 15 images each $950
  • Additional gallery pages $75 each
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A blog format lets you communicate directly with your visitors as easily as sending an e-mail.

  • 1-3 users $600
  • 4-7 users $800
  • additional users $75 each
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Photo Weblog

Show off your images with a weblog designed specifically to make posting pictures and talking about them as easy as pie.
  • 1-3 users $700
  • 4-7 users $900
  • additional users $75 each
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Additional E-mail Users

Is your practice or company growing? Additional e-mail users can be set up quickly, securely, and come with a PDF explaining everything you might need to know about your new e-mail system
  • $75/each or inquire about bulk packages/hosting upgrades.
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Multiple Language Copies of Your Site

Maybe you want your website to reach people who speak English and another language as well. Not only can we provide contact information for a reliable translator, but we can build your new site with the ability to switch between two or more languages. (See the Portfolio page for an example.)
  • $450 for each additional language.
  • Translation services extra.
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Secure Contact Forms

Make your clients feel safe with secure, professional contact forms.  All data is backed up on a server separate from your website and even if the worst happens and your site goes down your forms will still work.  Keep your data confidential with a secure form submission service.
  • Secured by an SSL certificate and hosted elsewhere, peace of mind is only $20/month.
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Promotional Designs

Full print-resolution graphic images for multiple uses.  If you'd like something that isn't listed, please ask.  We provide letterhead, business cards, and more.

Beautiful, professional cards in multiple formats.
  • One-sided card  $650
  • Two-sided card  $950
  • Unusual format (see the hockey pucks on my portfolio page)  $1500
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A custom logo to incorporate into your stationery, website, and business cards.
    • black and white    $1200
    • full colour             $1700

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Get the full package with coordinated letterhead.
  • 8.5 x 11”     $800
  • 5 x 7"         $650

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Grab your guests with attractive, stylish invitations.
  • 3 x 4” full colour        $500
  • 4 x 6” full colour        $600

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Posters can welcome and direct guests to your talk or event.
    • 11 x 14” - 11 x 17”            $850
    • custom size up to 25 x 25”        $1000
    • custom larger than 25 x 25”    inquire

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Graphic ads are always more effective than pure text.
  • up to 4 x 6 inches black and white             $650
  • up to 4 x 6 inches full colour                     $750
  • 5 x 7 to 8.5 x 11 inches black and white     $950
  • 5 x 7 to 8.5 x 11 inches full colour             $1150
  • web banner/button                                    $650

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Put yourself on bags, shirts, jackets and more.
  • small t-shirt/bag/etc design up to 4 x 6 inches     $700
  • full 8 x 10 t-shirt/etc design                 $950

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Please ask! Custom pricing for unusual projects.

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Additional Services

  • On-site support or assistance $75/hour (Minimum service call $75).
  • Copy writing $75/300 words (minimum $75)
  • Copy editing $75/1000 words (minumum $75)

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